Is it Auditorium Shores or
Colorado and New Mexico??


This information was made available by someone who prefers to remain anonymous...

There is ongoing confusion over the show called Auditorium Shores (May 4, 1989) and the Colorado/New Mexico show (28Nov89 Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, NM and 29Nov89 McNichols Arena, Denver, CO). Most of the following info comes from long-time Flooder, Mudster (thanks Mud!), to which I have added the list of boots that contain Colorado/New Mexico tracks.

Due to at least 3 boots and probably more that incorrectly identify the Colorado/New Mexico show as Auditorium Shores, there has been confusion over this show.

If there is a recording of the May 5, 90 Auditorium Shores show, it has never surfaced and is not currently being traded. There is an excellent show, absolutely flaming show, from 11/26/89 in Austin that circulates. There is a partial video starting in the middle of the show that circulates as well. The video often circulates as Rites of Spring and is listed as the 5/90 show, but it is not, it is the 89 show.

On the different boot CD's of the Colorado/New Mexico show, there are different tracks. Each omits one and has another and/or print the setlist in different order so that the discs do not appear to be the same show, but they are. “Scuttle Buttin',” “Last Farewell,” and “Let me Love You Baby” are examples. When the Colorado/New Mexico boots came out, there were posts that implied these were complete soundboard recordings of both shows. However (correct me if I am wrong) they were not. I had the setlists emailed to me and they were the same old Colorado/New Mexico combination.

The New Mexico show was quite long and would take 2 CDs by itself. The Colorado show was not as long, but still would not fit on a single cd. The audience recordings of both shows are not outstanding. So, any quality recording is likely to be from one of these boots or the original fm broadcast.

Bob Wilmot's SRV Gig Database provides the following CDs that are based on the Colorado/New Mexico material. (The links go to Bob's site, to the track and venue info for each CD.)

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